Emmeloord, The Netherlands  € hour / €2200 - 3000 month
 40 hours  Long term job


  • Prepare job offers and post them on our website;
  • Source candidates using a variety of search methods to build a robust candidate pipeline;
  • Screen candidates by reviewing resumes and job applications, and performing phone screenings;
  • Make the correct match between the candidates and the job offer;
  • Work with social media;
  • Manage the overall interview, selection and closing process;
  • Make sure that the new employees have the perfect start and experience.

  Emmeloord, The Netherlands  €14.71 hour / €2470 month
 38:45 hours  Short term job

  • Loading/ unloading;
  • Control check;
  • Hourly rate € 14,71 = € 11,32 + 30% (each hour is paid 130%);
  • Night shift: 22:30 - 06:00 (7,75 hours will be paid);
  • Work days: from sunday till friday morning (5 nights);
  • This offer is short term. After this work you have possibility to choose other job offer.

  Emmeloord, The Netherlands  € hour / €Depends on the company where you are working month
 38 - 50 hours  Seasonal job

Are you looking for a seasonal job in 2023? Are you interested in a well-paid job with accommodation and transport to/ from work? Here you can see examples of different seasonal jobs:

  • In greenhouses of potted flowers;
  • Tulip greenhouses;
  • Greenhouse work with vegetables (bell peppers, tomatoes);
  • Vegetable sorting;
  • In flowers' fields;
  • Field weeding, etc.

  Emmeloord, The Netherlands  € hour / €Market-appropriate salary in line with your experience month
 40 hours  Long term job

  • You will be running inspection rounds through the living locations (inside and outside), identifying and repairing the defects or reporting about them;
  • You have to determine what needs to be done at a location in order to keep proper house and equipment maintenance;
  • You will need to perform a broad range of tasks, such as changing lamp bulbs, doors, drilling, tightening a tap, minor painting tasks, wallpapering, furniture or equipment repair, locks, etc.;
  • The work is carried out with various hand tools and appropriate machines.

  Emmeloord, The Netherlands  €13.01 hour / €2185 month
 38:45 hours  Long term job

  • Order picking;
  • Loading/ unloading;
  • Control check;
  • Hourly rate € 11,32 + 15% = € 13,01 (each hour is paid 115%);
  • 2 shifts work (6:00 - 14:15; 14:15 - 22:30).