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Reporting a complaint

Level One Uitzendbureau considers the quality of service very important. That is why we take every complaint seriously. If there is a complaint about the services of Level One Employment Agency, we would like to receive it.
This way we can continuously improve our services. Level One Uitzendbureau has a complaints procedure for both employers and employees.

File a complaint

If you have a complaint about the services of Level One Uitzendbureau and you cannot resolve it with your contact person, please contact 0527-271369 or fill the complaint form below. We try to process and respond to your complaint within 5 working days. Unfortunately, we cannot process an anonymous complaint.

Complaints procedure

The recipient of the complaint registers the complaint and informs the customer about the further handling of the complaint.

The responsible manager is immediately informed so that action can be taken without delay. The manager will contact the person which filed the complaint within five working days of the complaint being received. If possible, the complaint will be resolved or the measures that can be taken will be coordinated.

Level One Uitzendbureau handles your personal data with care, in accordance with our Privacystatement.

    Complaints form

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