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You can register yourself directly here – REGISTER. We will contact You as soon as possible as we can offer You a suitable job position.

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In the Netherlands, the Identification Requirement Act applies. You must be able to present a valid identity document (passport or identity card) when registering. If You actually start, it is mandatory to be able to hand over Your proof of identity to employer if asked. You must also ensure that Your identification document is valid. So make sure You renew your document in time.

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You have to have a valid European ID card/passport. Also we will need Your BSN document, bank account details in order to pay salary, and email address to send payslips and other information to You. We will need Your CV, too.

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Everyone who has to pay tax in the Netherlands needs a Citizen Service Number (BSN). If You do not have it, we will organize an appointment to obtain it as soon as You arrive in the Netherlands.

If You already have a BSN number, we need this for our personnel file and also to be able to pay all payments.

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The basic health insurance is mandatory for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands. The basic insurance covers the standard costs of, ex.: the general practitioner, hospital or pharmacy. Additional health insurance is not compulsory.

You are responsible for registering with an insurer. If you are not insured, you run the risk of a fine. We offer collective health insurance to our temporary workers. The premium is deducted from your salary and we take care of the registration and/or deregistration and other administrative matters. The premium for 2024 is €35,49

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Our work area is mainly in the province of Flevoland and peripheral areas. Of course, we try to plan this as efficiently as possible, so that traffic movements and travel time are kept to a minimum.

We have a large number of customers where there is the possibility of permanent work for the whole year. We are therefore active in various sectors. In addition, we also have many short assignments during certain periods. Of course we try to offer everyone as much continuity as possible.

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First you have to come to our office located in Emmeloord, Daalder 2, 8305 BE. We will meet you here and we can arrange the transport to your living location if needed or when agreed differently.

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There are two registration possibilities in the Netherlands: registration as a non – resident (RNI) and registration as a resident in the BRP; If you comply with the RNI rules but would prefer to register as a resident in the BRP, ask the municipal authority in the municipality where you will live if this is possible. Not all municipal authorities make this possible. More information you can find on this website

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If You start working for the first time by Level One Uitzendbureau, You will sign temporary contract – Phase A that can last maximum 52 weeks. When this contract expires, You will sign Phase B contract which can be given 6 times with a maximum time-frame of 3 years. This is followed by Phase C contract for an indefinite period of time. Therefore You can receive temporary contracts for 4 years. Of course depending on the circumstances, there can be deviation from this time-frame.

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We are currently trying to prepare the contracts as much as possible in digital way, so we suggest to sign Your contract digitally as well. Your contract will be in Your own language, You will receive it by email. Also You will receive the link with explanation how to sign it.

Category: Contract

If You want to terminate the contract, You must do so in writing or doing this by Level One app It is very important to report it as soon as possible after You made the decision.

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We offer employees a remuneration in accordance with the ABU CAO and/or remuneration in accordance with the hirer’s remuneration that applies to the customer. Each relation is covered by a Collective Labor Agreement (CAO) or has its own scheme that determines the conditions for hourly wages, allowances and periodic increases.

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If you work for us for the first time, you will receive a weekly salary payslip by e-mail, in which it is specified the hours worked and the net amount to be received. Your weekly payment will be paid to you after six working days from the end of the week. This is always Monday (if not a public holiday).

If you work for us> 26 weeks, you will receive payment every 4 weeks. The 4-week payment will be paid to you 6 working days after the end of the 4-week period and you will also receive the salary specifications by e-mail on this day. This is always Monday (if not a public holiday).

Overview 4 weekly payments 2024:


Period Week numbers Date of payment
1 Week 1-4 Monday, 5 February 2024
2 Week 5-8 Monday, 4 March 2024
3 Week 9-12 Monday, 2 April 2024
4 Week 13-16 Monday, 29 April 2024
5 Week 17-20 Monday, 27 May 2024
6 Week 21-24 Monday, 24 June 2024
7 Week 25-28 Monday, 22 July 2024
8 Week 29-32 Monday, 19 August 2024
9 Week 33-36 Monday, 16 September 2024
10 Week 37-40 Monday, 14 October 2024
11 Week 41-44 Monday, 11 November 2024
12 Week 45-48 Monday, 9 December 2024
13 Week 49-52 Monday, 6 January 2025
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You will receive the Jaaropgave (annual statement) of the past year, at the end of January of each year. The annual statement provides an overview of the salary data of an entire year. Details such as payroll tax and employed person’s tax credit are stated on this form. Keep this statement in a safe place. The annual statement is automatically sent by e-mail/post to the address known to us. It is therefore important that You inform us about any (e-mail) address change, even if You are no longer working for Level One Uitzendbureau. You can see your Jaaropgave (at the end of January) in Level One app, too.

Category: Salary

In some cases we apply the ET – regeling scheme. The ABU “Collective Labor Agreement for temporary workers” includes a scheme that makes it possible to exchange gross wages for untaxed allowances and benefits for the so-called extraterritorial costs. These are the extra costs (ex. housing) of temporary workers from outside the Netherlands who (temporarily) work in the Netherlands. Only the wages that are above the legal minimum wage can be used for this. Once a labor migrant is permanently established in the Netherlands and his social center is also located in the Netherlands, ET – regeling scheme can not be applied. In addition, there is a maximum term of this scheme. At present, the scheme may be applied for a maximum of 5 years. After 5 years, exchanges may no longer take place, ET costs will be deducted from the net wage. Pay attention, this is 5 years after the first working day in The Netherlands.

Category: Salary

StiPP has 2 Plans: Basic and Plus Plan. If you are 21 years old or older you start accruing pension in the Basic Plan immediately after you start working. If you are younger than 21, you do not accrue pension during the first 8 weeks. In the Basic Plan pension can be accrued for 52 weeks – You can work during those weeks at various employers in the temporary employment sector. If You work at least one hour a week, this week is included in 52 weeks period. After 52 weeks Basic Plan automatically will change to Plus Plan. You can see detailed information about Your Plan in My StiPP Pension website.


Category: Salary

In the Basic Plan the employer pays the contribution, so this doesn’t cost You anything. If You are married or have entered into a registered partnership, Your partner is entitled (depending on situation) to Your pension. In this Plan there is no entitlement to pension accrual in the event of disability. In the Plus Plan You and Your employer pay Your pension contribution, You accrue more pension capital in this way. If You are married, have entered into a registered partnership or You have a cohabitation contract – Your partner and also children can receive Your pension. Also You continue to accrue pension if You become incapacitated for work during Your employment.

Category: Salary

You will find an explanation of your salary specification via the link below. Of course every situation is different, but we hope this will help you better understand the structure of the specification.

Explanation salary specification

Category: Salary


If you want to use our accommodation, we ask for a fee of €88 a week. This amount is all-in and there are no additional costs.
Our accommodation is fully furnished and supplied with TV and internet. Certainly, a check in/out takes place at the start and end of the occupied period.
You can see examples of housing on our website. Click here for examples Accomodation

Category: Accomodation

When your cooperation with Level One ends or you decide to move but you are registered at our accommodation address (Gemeente Noordoostpolder) , please don’t forget to deregister yourself.

You must do this using DigiD via this link:

Deregistration is very important, failure to do so has serious consequences.

If you are registered at Gemeente Dronten (Swifterbant) or Zeewolde – the deregistration will be done differently – you will need to sign the deregistration document at accommodation administrator.

Category: Accomodation


If necessary, we can organize transport from home to workplace. This can be done by company car, bus or a bicycle.

If you have a company car, it can only be used for business (work) use. If private rides are found, this will be charged.

You are also responsible for following the traffic rules.

If you use Your private car on our behalf, You will receive compensation for this.

Category: Transport

If You can not arrange the transport to the Netherlands by Yourself, we can help You. We are working with various companies who organise the transport. These companies are certified and well insured, running no unnecesasary risks. Please ask Your contact person, if You have any questions.

Category: Transport

No, the transport is free of charge.

If you are a driver and you are driving a car to the workplace, you will receive extra payment, and you will also get an extra money if you are taking passengers. This should be approved by coordinator, so please always contact your coordinator if you have any questions. The payment for a driver can be from € 2,50 – 15,00 a day.


Category: Transport

Health Insurance

Everyone who is working in The Netherlands needs to have a Health Insurance. We can provide it for you of you want. We have a collective with HolandZorg.
HollandZorg offers a suitable Helath Insurance for peopel which are living abroad but work in The Netherlands.
HollandZorg provides a personal log in to see all your details and arrange things digital.

Click on this link to see all information about HollandZorg and the conditions.
Holland Zorg Flexpolis

Click on this link to find more information about how to register and make your own account if you are insured by HollandZorg.

If you made the choice for the Health Insurance from HollandZorg you will receive an welcome email from HollandZorg after they activated your insurance.
In this email you can find your relation number form HollandZorg which you will need to create your own account.

For the first registration you will need the following details:
– Relationnumber HollandZorg
– Date of birth
– Mobile number

You can do this first registration by clicking on the link below:
Register HollandZorg

After this is done you will have access to your personal My HollandZorg account

In the My HollandZorg portal you will be able to find several things. Also your digital Health Insurance (digital EHIC) card can be found here.

Compulsory health insurance: Flexpolis public healthcare insurance

The Flexpolis public healthcare insurance is the compulsory health insurance in the Netherlands. Public healthcare insurance gives insured the right to the most necessary healthcare, such as general practitioner care, hospitalisation and emergency care.

Supplementary insurance: Flexpolis No Risk I and No Risk II

With supplementary insurance, your foreign employees are entitled to additional reimbursements that are particularly interesting to them, but which are not reimbursed under the compulsory public healthcare insurance. The reimbursements of our supplementary insurances are listed below:

No Risk I 2024 No Risk II 2024
Compulsory excess as defined in the public healthcare insurance (€385,-) 100%
Emergency dental treatment in the Netherlands maximum € 200,- per calendar year
Repatriation (transport home) within Europe when medically necessary 100%
Repatriation (transport home) within Europe in the event of death 100%
Reimbursement of statutory personal contribution for medicines of €250 100%


For more information, please view our online reimbursement schedule or read our insurance conditions (PDF).

You have to call to your coordinator and explain how you feel and what happened, if it is necessary a visit at a doctor will be arranged.

On the first day of incapacity for work, the temporary employee is obliged to report this fact by phone to the agency. This should be done as soon as possible, and in any case before 10:00 am.

Agency work employment contract with agency clause:

Fase A:  The first day of incapacity for work apply as waiting day pursuant to the Sickness Benefits Act, for which the temporary agency worker is not entitled to any benefit.

The daily wage used for the purpose of calculation of benefits is established by Public Employment Services (UWV) or by the private employment agency that is self-insured for the purposes of the Sickness Benefits Act.

Agency work employment contract without agency clause:

The first day of incapacity for work applies as a waiting day for which the temporary agency worker is not entitled to pay.

The temporary agency worker will be entitled to 90% of the time-based wage for the first 52 weeks of incapacity for work and at least the applicable statutory minimum wage.


Of course, You want to take a well-deserved holiday periodically. You can do this by means of our leave application forms which can be found on our office and website, or you can use our App .We do request that You submit the leave request at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can arrange a replacement on time. If You have submitted the leave request on time, You will receive the number of holiday hours of Your request, depending on Your agreement. Of course You will receive the salary specification here. Holiday hours can only be paid if accrued holiday hours are available. You will find the current balance on Your salary slip.

Category: Holiday

Holiday allowance is an amount of money which You can always find in Your payslip. This amount is 8,33% of Your gross yearly wage. It is paid at least once a year in the first week on June. If You haven’t worked more than 6 weeks, all reservations will be paid automatically.

Category: Holiday

Yes, you can reserve the room where you are living by choosing this option in leave request form.

Category: Holiday

You are paid weekly or 4-weekly. So your holiday hours will be paid in this sequence. Holiday hours will be paid if we have received a holiday request for which period and if there is still a reservation available. Otherwise the reservations will be paid after 6 weeks not working automatically.

Category: Holiday

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